Bohunt revisited

Steve dropped into his old school on Friday 10th December to take a tour and chat to staff and students about life as a Member of Parliament.

It is now 20 years since Steve left with his GCSEs, and he was delighted to meet the Bohunt team and address pupils sitting in the same place he once sat.

Steve said: "I was so honoured to be asked and so nervous going back to my old school! There are many new faces of course and some new buildings but it was the school I remembered in many ways.

"Some of my old teachers were there and they seemed to even remember me fondly - amazing what the passage of time can do!

"But seriously, I loved going back. I found it really touching at times and seriously weird in places but am so grateful for the way I was welcomed by all the students and staff.”

Pictured; Steve addresses a Friday assembly

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